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Ford All Stainless Steel Repair Clamps – Style FS1

Ford All Stainless Steel Repair Clamps – Style FS1

The Ford Styles FS1, FS2 and FS3 All Stainless Steel Repair Clamp combines the corrosion-resistant characteristics of stainless steel and the sealing capabilities of rubber to provide a strong, dependable and versatile repair clamp.

The All Stainless design is lightweight and easy to handle under adverse conditions associated with almost every main break. The fixed bolt position provides uniform bolt control and fewer parts to fall into the trench. The sliding lifter bar is retained on the bolts by the heavy hex nuts and facilitates the installation by serving as a handle to hold while installing the clamp.

Features / Specifications

Style FS1 (single section)
Operating Range .40″ (4″ and larger)
To order: Specify Catalog Number x Length of clamp desired.
Example: FS1-724 x 12.5 would be a one-section clamp for pipe with an O.D. of between 6.84 and 7.24, and the length of the clamp would be 12.5″.
Options Include: Buna-N Gasket – add “-N” to Catalog Number, EPDM Gasket – add “-EPDM” to Catalog Number, Conductivity Strips – add “-CS” to Catalog Number
Note: Sizes and lengths not listed (including metric) are available upon request.

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