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AA  Thread Seal Tape, Inc. |

Adaptor, Inc. |
Valve Box Adaptors

Advanced Drainage Systems |
Polyethylene Drainage Pipe & Fittings  4″-60″, Nyloplast Drainage structures, Stormtech Chambers, Geosynthetics/Geogrids Erosion Control, Water Quality Units

Agri Drain Corporation |
Drainage Flap Gates, Bar Guards

Aervoe Industries, Inc. |
Utility Marking Paints, Safety, Traffic Control

American Flow Control (AFC) |
Fire Hydrants: American – B-50-B, B-62-B, B-84-B, MK-73; Waterous – Pacer, Trend; Valves: Resilient Wedge 2500 Series MJ, Flanged, OS&Y, Push-on, Tapping; Series 3500 MJ & Tapping, Tapping Sleeves; Check Valves

Advance Products & Systems, Inc. |
Casing Spacers & End Seals; Innerlynx Mehanical Wall Seals

Assured Flow Sales, Inc. |


Bingham & Taylor |
CI & Plastic Valve & Curb Boxes; Meter Box Frames & Covers, Polymer & CI; Repair Lids; Rite-Hite; Valve Box Risers 

Birmingham Fastener |
T-Head MJ Bolts; Std. Low Alloy, Cor-Blue, Stainless

Brass Fittings & Nipples


Cascade Waterworks Mfg. |
Casing Spacers & End Seals; Stiffening Inserts for HDPE

Charter Plastics |
HDPE: Municipal & Industrial Pipe, MJ Adapters, Electofusion Fittings, etc., Polyethylene Service Tubing

Copperhead Industries, LLC |
Tracer Wire; Locking SnakeBite, Tracer Boxes

Custom Ductile Pipe Company
Flanged Ductile Iron Pipe


DeZurik |
Specialty Valves; Butterfly, Plug, Check, etc.

DFW Plastics |
Polymer Meter Pits, Polymer Meter Box Covers

Diamond Plastics |
PVC Water Pipe: 2″-60″; PVC Sewer Pipe: 4″-60″ SDR35, SDR26 Heavy Wall, Restrained Joint PVC Pressure Pipe 4″-24″

Drainage & Water Solutions |
Valve Boxes; Curb Boxes; Sewer Cleanout Castings; Tracer Wire Access Boxes


EBAA Iron Sales Inc. |
EBAA Megalugs; DI 3″-48″, PVC 3″-48″, HDPE 3″-12″;  Megaflange 3″-48″, Flexible Ball and Expansion Joints 3″-48″

EJ |
Municipal Manhole Castings and Grates


Fernco, Inc. |
Flexible Sewer Couplubgs, Shielded Couplings; SS Shear Ring, Strong Back RC, 5000 Series RC and Proflex, QuikSeal

Ford Meter Box Company |
Waterworks Brass: Corp Stops, Service Insulators; Saddles; Tapping Sleeves; Indoor Meter Setters; Meter Box Covers; Coppersetters; Pit Setters; Coil Setters; Retro Setters; Yoke Assemblies; Curb Stops;  Curb Boxes; Meter Couplings & Adapters; Brass Couplings and Fittings; Flare, Pack Joint, Quick Joint, Lead-Pak, Repair Clamps: All Stainless & Lug Styles; Uniflange Products; Wedge Action Thrust Restraints for DI 4″-48″ & PVC 3″-36″; Uniflanges 2″-48″; Fabricated Steel Products


GA Industries |
Air Release Valves; Combination Air Release; Air & Vacuum; Butterfly Valves; Check Valves; Silent Checks; Plug Valves

General Pipe Cleaners |
Drain Cleaners; Water Jets; Pipe Freezing Kits; Pipe Thawing

Gripper Gasket |
Boltless Restraint Gaskets, 3″-24″

Gulf State Hangers and Manufacturering, Inc. |
Support Manufacturers, Inc., Pipe Supports; Pipe Hangers


Harrington Corporation (HARCO) |
Fittings; PVC C900, SDR35, DI, IPS, HDPE, Philmac; MJ Trans Gaskets; PVC Drainage Structures

Harrington, Inc. |
Storz Nozzle Adapters; Hose Adapters, Drainage Pipe: Polyethylene Corrugated

Heath Consultants, Inc. |
Leak Detection & Line Location: Aqua Scope; Magna-Lock; Sure-Lock, Split-Lock

Highline Products |
Access Boxes: Plastic Curb Boxes & Valve Boxes

Hot Box |
Engineered Enclosures: Aluminum, Fiberglass, large & small


IPS Corporation |
PVC Cements, Primers, Sealants

Foster Adaptor 3″-36″; Mud Plug;  Circular Insulation Discs; Flex T-2; Flex T-3; Flex Adaptor Reducer

Inner-Tite Corporation |
Revenue Protection Devices; Twist-Tite Seals, Barrel Lock, Swivel Seal,  Grip-Tite Curb Box Lock

Inserta Tee |
Sewer Lateral Connection for all types of pipe; Inserta Wye 3-pc connections

Municipal Pressure Piping Systems; Bionax PVCO C909, BIONAX SR, Q-Line Service Tubing


JRC Supplies, LLC
Vadle Curb Box Lock & Alignment Device


Kemp-Meek Manufacturing |
Meter Reading Equipment

Kennedy Valve |
Hydrants; K81A, K81D; Resilient Wedge Gate Valves 2″-54″; Butterfly Valves 3″-54″; Check Valves; Eccentric Plug Valves; UL-FM Products

Krausz USA |
HYMAX Wide Range Couplings 1.5″-60″; Hymax Grip; EZ-MAX Repair Clamp, HYJOINT; Hymax Versa

Kupferle |
Intelligent Flushing; Automatic Flushing; Yard Hydrants; Manual Flushing Blow-Off Hydrants; Sampling Stations


Lee Brass |
Brass: Lead-Free Alloy Threaded

Legend Valve |
Brass & Stainless Ball Valves, Nipples, Threaded Fittings, Galvanized Fittings & Nipples


M&H Valve |
Hydrants; Check Valves; Butterfly Valves

Midland Mfg. Co. |
Joint Restraints; Meter Flanges brass & Stainless; Companion Flanges

Multi Fittings |
PVC Fittings: SDR35, SDR26 Sewer; PVC Pressure Pipe fitting

McWane Ductile |
Ductile Iron Pipe: 3″-36″ Tyton Joint, TR Flex Restrained, MJ, River Crossing; Sure-Stop Boltless Restraining Gaskets


National Pipe & Plastics |
Sewer Pipe: PVC 4″-15″ SDR35, SDR26 Heavy Wall, 4″-48″ ASTM F-679; Water Pipe: PVC 4″-12″ C900, 14″-48″ C905, 2″-4″ SDR21, SDR17, SDR13.5; 6″-12″ SDR21, SDR17; HDPE; DR-7-DR-21

Stormwater Management: Catch Basins & Drains, Drainage Systems, Dura Slope Trench Drain

Neenah Foundry |
Municipal Castings

North American Specialty Products |
Water & Sewer: Certa-Lok C900 RJ, C905 RJ, and Yelomine PVC Restrained Joint Pipe

NAPCO Pipe & Fittings |
Sewer Pipe: 4″-15″ SDR35 & SDR26, 18″-36″ ASTM F679; Water Pipe: PVC 4″-12″ C900, 14″-36″ C905, 2″-16″ SDR21, 2″-12″ SDR17, 2″-6″ SDR13.5

NyloPlast |
 Engineered PVC Drainage Systems; Drain Basins, Inline Drains, Drain Grates


Oatey SCS |
Mechanical Test Plugs; Clean-Check Backwater Valves; Commercial Drainage Products; Test Ball & Plug Accs.; Thread Sealants

Oil Creek Plastics |
Polyethylene Service Tubing; HDPE Pipe

Onyx Valve |
Check Valves; Wafer Style, Duckbill Style; Expansion Joints; Pinch Valves


Penn-Troy Manufacturing, Inc. |
Specialty Water & Wastewater Valves: Flap Valves; Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Valves; Mud Valves; Shear Gate Valves; Sluice Gate Valves; Valve Stand Operators

Pipeconx |
Universal Pipe Connectors; Flexible Sewer Couplings, Caps, Tees & Elbows, Universal Saddles

Plastic Trends Inc. |
PVC Sewer Fittings; SDR35 Gasketed & Solvent Weld, SDR26 Heavy Wall; IPS Heavy Wall Sewer Fittings, PVC Water Fittings; DR18 & DR25 CIOD Pressure

Proco Products |
Expansion Joints; Check Valves; Pipe Penetration Seals


Quantum Marketing Group |
Utility Marking Posts; Cathodic Protection Test Stations


Reed Manufacturing Co. Inc. |
Pipe Tools: Cutteres & Cutter Wheels, Large Diameter Pipe Tools, Plastic Pipe Tools, Water Service Tools, Drilling/Tapping Machines; Drill Taps & Shell Cutters; Hydrostatic Test Pumps; Shut-Off Tools

Reliner / Duran Inc. |
Manhole Inside Drop Bowls; Stainless Steel Pipe Brackets; Invert Channel System

Romac Industries |
Restraint Systems


Service Brass |
Fire Hydrant Hose Adapters; Valves; Fittings

Sigma |
Ductile Iron Fittings: C110 Flanged, C153 Mehanical Joint, C110 Mechanical Joint; Municipal Castings; Accessory Packages;

Specified Fittings |
HDPE & PVC Fabricated Fittings; 3″-48″ SDR35 & SDR26  4″-48″ CIOD Fittings; HDPE MJ Adapters & Fittings

Star Pipe Products |
Ductile Iron Fittings: 2″-64″ Compact C153 MJ Fittings; 2″-64″ C110 MJ Fittings, Compact Push-On Fittings, C110 Flanged Fittings; Coatings: Fusion Bonded Epoxy; Ptotecto 401; MJ Accessories; Municipal Castings; AWWA Grooved Products

Stormtech |
Stormwater Dentention/Retention Subsurface Stormwater Management Engineered Systems


Taylor Made Plastics, Inc. |
Non-Pressure Pipe Plugs: 6″-60″ for PVC, Polyethylene, Ductile Iron, Clay, RCP, Steel; Inflatable Plugs; Mechanical Plugs

Tigre-ADS USA |
PVC Sewer Fittings: Gasketed SDR35, SDR26; Solvent Weld SDR35; DWV; Sch 40

Tolloti Pipe, LLC
Sewer & Drain SDR35 Pipe

Total Piping Solutions, Inc. |
Tappings Sleeves: Triple Tap, Triple Tap MJ; T3 Service Saddle; Galv Compression Fittings

Trenton Pipe Nipple Company, LLC |
Brass Pipe; Brass Nipples; Brass Fittings; Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples; Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Tuf-Tite |
Drainage Products: Trench Drain; Drain Sumps; Trench Pan Drains

Tyler Union |
Utility Fittings: 3″- 48″ C153 Compact MJ, 2″-48″ C110 Full Body MJ, 4″-24″C153 Push-On, C110 Flanged; Domestic Valve & Curb Boxes; Accessory Packages


US Saws |
Diamond Blades & Pipe Beveling; Gas Chain Saws For Ductile Iron Pipe; Magnetic MH Cover Lifting; Pipe Clamps for DI Chains Saws


Vestal Manufacturing |
Municipal Castings: Meter Box Rings & Covers, Recessed & Non-Recessed, Round & Rectangular


Waterous-AFC |
Fire Hydrants: Waterous WB67 Pacer & WB77 Trend; Valves: Resilient Wedge 2500 Series MJ, Flanged, OS&Y, Push-on, Tapping; Series 3500 MJ & Tapping; Check Valves: Resilient Seated, Swing Style, Swing W/Lever & Weight; Tapping Sleeves

Wheeler-Rex |
Pipe and Utility Tools: Pipe Cutters, Shut-Off Tools, Plastic & Copper; Tubing Tools; Pipe Freezing Kits; Hydrostatic Test Pumps; Pipe Cutters; Threading Tools; Trash Pumps; Pipe Slices & Pullers

Woodford Manufacturing |
Yard Hydrants; Thermaline;  Sanitary Hydrants


Zurn-Wilkins |
Backflow Preventers: Reduced Pressure Principle RPZ’s, Double Check Assembly; Double Detector Check Assembly, Stainless Steel Backflow Preventers; Pressure Reducing Valves: 3/4″-3″; Commercial Drainage Products: Drains-Cleanouts-Traps

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